Light Makes The Color On A Paint

Photography is a complex science for those who spend their time studding it and practicing it as their main career or sport. More Details in USA
Painting small, medium or large paints is kind of the same story except the artist replaces the professional photographer and converts the digital camera into a couple of artist hands when painting the forms and smooth colors.  The next has some factors to center the idea:
The low light exposure on the camera right before shooting the photo is a simple technique without flash used.

Darken Photo
A dark image came out from a digital cannon camera

There are other comparison factors on the chart about paints, photos and colors that we can recall just to make the point. But without light none of those will ever exist and therefore, all the fun is gone if white lights aren’t present on the entire picture.

A while ago on a painting store loaded with accessories all imported from Brazil, Mexico, Germany, China, Canada and made in the United States, a newcomer student asked a silly question to the product seller manager… excuse me sir, said the customer, Where are the different brushes to start painting and avoid mistakes on the artistic paint results? The manager confused said, I have all kinds of good pain brushes that everybody use to work with color tones and combinations, so you can create your artistic work and probable never fall into mistaken results, they are just in the wall behind you, why don’t you go and look?…

The zucchini bread photo shows white green and Brown natural colors
The zucchini bread photo shows white green and Brown natural colors

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to brake things when learning to paint and being a beginner photographer also neither has a meaning of smashing the digital camera while trying it.

In college students become professionals by learning that there is a perfect time on a sunny day to match photos with success, however, if a professional don’t learn to read the camera instructions from the manufacture, they can break it just by using wrong. Important things like don’t use it on position outdoors when it is raining or don’t drop the digital equipment on water and turn it on intermediately prior to bringing it to the manufacture shop for a technician checkup.

We don’t realize it jet! without light there is just a dark picture and no beautiful red, blue, yellow, bright green, light white, a black tone, grey, silver, purple etc.  This practically means that all the fun is gone to a dark whole with no hope at all for an artist or a professional.

Even nature uses the light spots on the flowers to attract flower friends like honey bees, butterflies, hummingbirds for pollen seeds distribution, and nature behaves natural by creating outstanding and amazing colorful birds with a color combination and  a smooth finish to attract other birds and invite them to reproduce or behave as a camouflage to survive on the forest.
The importance of these natural elements relies on the sunshine light or all the universe form will be gone for all of us. this way all the work on the table will be imaginative and innovative to advance on an interesting art.

Mobile iPhone
The latest device iPhone shows artificial machine made color grey, black and white

The end means that if we want to show up our good job well done, we should do art and work on-top of a white or blank base and start from scratch to see what will happen. That is the perfect beginning to create things.