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These few letters I decided to type today and as a last intention to tell everyone that never give up with your photos.

Social Media Uploading
Pets, Food, Dresses, Wild Animals, Hotels, Baby

Our main concern is about millions of great photography many of you have taken the time to upload to the private website Pinterest and now they are kicking you out or blocking your hard done job online, as far of media images and adaptation precious minutes you gave to them.
The famous site Pinterest someday will be down and crying for you to comeback, but it will be too late.
Again, to all of your, hard working photographers and webmaster publishers around the entire planet earth (the globe). Please take in consideration to visit our new and innovated style Top Photos at
See if you like it and if that’s the kind of social media you are looking for, then open your profile, fill the little data and start transferring all your images from the big monster money hungry Pinterest.
There isn’t any no doubt don’t speak up for the world to listen the truth.
We, at solid America want to let you all know that freedom is first but with certain moderation because of the neighborhood respect.
We are taking in from one image to a million and the only requirement is that your write a little explanation per each sample uploaded.
Take you time to say your mind, make a small story and captivate your visitors, get followers to pin and leaving positive comments, that’s cute and nice.

Please, always keep it inside the legal frame and never upload stuff that will upset your visitors or our affiliate partners, without to tell any names because that isn’t your business to know.
People love cute pets animals, new born boy girls baby faces, home and patio styles like a magazine, they want to feel scare by looking abandoned houses, buildings, pools, cars, abandoned hotels, hospitals, clinics, places weird etc.
Probable if you own or manage and both, but the images are about your business and products offer, then do so and tell everyone what your channel is about.
There are a million reasons why you should have a space in our fantastic website, a free method to publicize your corporation, small medium or large.
It will cost you a price of $0.00 and you won’t lose your job, ever. TopPhotos
The offer stands for a long time, take your time, feel comfortable and without pressure.

The News Today is That We Are Online With WordPress

free open software wordpress, for cell phone iphone tablet smarphone

Big Thanks to The Makers
Appreciate the free opportunity from the open WordPress software to allowing us this gorgeous website fully loaded with new tools and toys for developers like me to start building page after page. Honestly, the community of WordPress is the best that can ever happen to the world.
The majority of webmasters are apprentices and without economical resources to pay the price that this software might cost.
The internet was meant to be for free from the beginning with, however, the software to build websites, blogs, social media and applications weren’t in that group. Programmers and entrepreneurs are great people who like to work in communities and build from the scratch all the bases to make a working core like these websites need to stay online and progress every day running on robust servers hosting.

Appreciation millions, because we can test it and decide if we keep it, make it work better or smoothly as the new updates come up for 2014, 2015 2016 and on.

The community shares the code, we can improve it and share with them, again as a software programming big machine worldwide, the make of this software is up 24/7 improving it as the internet platform changes. Cell hones, iPhone, Smartphone tablet, laptop convertible, notebook laptop computer. All people love WordPress because it slides right in smoothly on the browsers while people are surfing the web.

The installation is so easy that it took us only 31/2 minutes record on a server with Linux Apache operating system with Mod rewrite on. We installed it on a ” sub-domain” sub-domain with the characteristics as a new domain because by submitting it to search engines, they took it so fast with a file codified by them into the website main root core.
When i seen that as i was typing the words before publishing my first port web page, the typewriter program started to save in draft my job, Perfect.. !! that’s big thing because if the electrical goes i will not lose my job ever. Great system for publishers worldwide.

Then the best opportunity is that i went to “the affiliate program platform Infolinks and got the plugin right away after signing up, and then upload it using the local word-press plug in and file uploader, plus immediately i activated it and the activation went through correctly  which leads to make money sometime on the future as we start publishing more original content on this website.

iPhone 5S phones
The iPhone 5 s is very secure with the fingerprint system for people who make money transactions online. It recognizes the owner skin, blood and warming temperature.

It is an opportunity that everybody who manage a site to take, hosting sites cost lots of money per year, and security online costs even more, so some money will come about right as a good help for maintenance. remember go to infolinks .com and register with name, address for receiving you pay check or provide an e-mail with the Paypal for payments right into your account.