Reveal Treasure Secrets Behind Your Photos And Digital Photography Video Cameras

when the visitors online stop browsing on this website’s post to read about “Reveal Treasure Secrets Behind Your Photos And Digital Photography Video Cameras”,  They could be stumbled or very surprise to find out that after so many years of taking favorite colorful pictures with a photo digital canon, Panasonic The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM5, Nokia’s Ozo VR Cam, Mirrorless, Sony, Kodak, Nikon or else cameras on the market for sale. the news could caused even heart attacks on people who invested all their money and years of having fun on social media sites 24/4.

 Wi-Fi Enabled Photo Digital Cameras
Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera Kit

The friends online slogan won’t work anymore as these networks are becoming more money hungry.
This is the real story:
Sites like Facebook social sharing and liking others statuses and posts, inclusive mobile videos formats are not only profiting from your job done and shared on the good will to satisfy your circle of friends and for them not to erase your profile out of theirs, but, the socialization will become much more hungry and they will start to charge you for each post you ever made and amounts of images your also uploaded.
You will have to pay or considered a spam and blocked automatically until further notice from the sites administrators.

Twitter for example already is claiming that if your don’t keep posting at-least one image per week, then your tweets won’t appear to the sites users ever and probable your profile will be considered a spam profile or a zombie.
Worse at all is that your photography becomes their property and you should know about that because when you signed up, the private policy describes this paragraph clearly on it.

Lets analyze the facts and come up with a final solution to the issue.

Facebook wants you to keep posting more and more, they offer to show your posts to your community if you chosen that on the private preferences, for now and then, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is, they still will advertise on the pages where your private content is located.

What these facts mean? the meaning is clear, they own the social network, they decide who is accepted top create, who stays and who goes if the user don’t like it.

Provable complaining won’t take the person any-further than the login page, sorry, you’re out my friend, go to another friendly network, not in this one anymore.

You want your properties, big opinions and statuses done by you when interacting in the past with your friends and family, even girlfriend or boyfriend, coo-workers etc. the photos uploads, the files saved and the whole world done online became to an end and all because of making money was more important to the social networks. They don’t care about your feelings, the pictures that represent all your life.

Solution: Big tips to follow.
Open an account with google Drive and store those images in there by uploading them from your smartphone, iPhone, mobile phone or the computer laptop and tablet. be prepared for never losing your stuff. be smart.

Big tips also are: create a free Social profile on The Free Book Of Likes
Connect with companies and products, people worldwide like actors and actresses, famous singers, artist, read real-time news, opinions and enjoy great content as videos, photography, make your own pages and never, mean never worry about your content files, statuses and privacy.