New Photos Posts Going Viral Online

It used to be that people taking a shot of themselves took them a lot of nerve before they agree that that one was the right photo and then they post it on their profiles at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Or probable these same people did not want their photo to show right as soon their viewers were on their page.
Now things has change almost 90 degrees.
The amazing thing is that they use this weird things (photo selfie stick) of metal to hold their cell phone and video digital cameras, just to catch a selfie of themselves and posting it online whatever others thoughts will be.

The most amazing results are that if the selfie belongs to a famous person like an actress, a singer, a political leader or candidate, a couple spending time together, or else, they can go viral at anytime.

The facts are that it seems we aren’t alone anymore, there will be someone looking at every move we do and listening to all words we pronounce online. As far of privacy, forget it, we gave it away and that’s why our personal profiles on those media social sites, are full with advertisement because these software programs follow all our routes online.

Evenly, it is fun to share a little of what it is happening to us while traveling or if we are assisting to an event like a music concert of Taylor swift, or any other personality who captivates millions of likes every second.

People today want to feel important and they think that as longer they share their photos with the world, this will love them more.

When teens see another teen at their home bathroom taking a selfie of themselves against the bathroom mirror, they think that’s stream cool and the same act is copied by millions worldwide.

Again, lets stop the story for a second. asking questions.
1- Are these great and well done pictures by a professional photographer?
Answer one: no, they were taken by a person who follows others ideas, moves and therefore they find the act as valid, approved the image taken and that’s it. They don’t care about quality.  etc, All they want is to see what is happening and cross the line.

maybe this is the reason why the photographer guy down the street is not making a living as he or she did years ago.
Let’s face it! Instagram, Facebook and twitter killed the regular photographer professional.

We can tell by looking millions of smartphone and iPhone apple devices sold year after year and it doesn’t slow down anymore.
What is more critical, is that small and little business brands will not have a chance again to survive with these giants taking all the business attention from the consumers and big brands.

It is like everybody forgotten about the important things in our lives, the full color family portrait, the kids school photo graduation, first communion at the church and a great image to save it for future generations. Almost forgot to say that the weddings are special events to capture with the video camera and hire a professional photographer, so important to get together as families get to meet for eating food and drinks and look the happy married couple, the white dress, wedding dress suites and flower arrangements etc. Hold on, did i say flower arrangements? All is gone!

it is more important to show those little images on Facebook, or twitter, Instagram and forget the other. people too busy.

I hope you remember my words.
“The way we are going now, it won’t take longer than two years and we will be the purple zombies that people fear from the scary terror movies. sure, those dead purple zombies who wa

 blond hair, a nice curly hair cut
The beautiful Taylor Swift .
She dress a white sweater and blond hair, a nice curly hair and hair cut.

lk head down looking the little mobile phone screens and not paying attention to real life, the world with feeling as we supposed to be instead of going viral like idiots.