Join Forces With Facebook Applications

When i heard that all online search engines were preparing a compete against web master publishers and they will sen a penguin and a bear called Panda, back in two ten or so. Then i thought that no matter what to type and create, nothing will come-up to accomplish on sites that little guys like me had.

Social Media Free Online
The owner of face book is always happy because people love his site and money flows like rice

Big giants will absorb the little ones just like nothing for a tooth and they will never ever fell sorry because all is a bout money and no more than that.
The good news is that today we heard that Facebook wants to share their profits on advertisement with  regular websites content hosted on Facebook’s servers and these sites won’t have to struggle anymore for traffic in order to make an income or even big money.

there is where we came up with the idea that why not to join to the big social giant and be secure, rather than to be expecting to fall into Google’s Yahoo’s and Microsoft Bing engines grace. Because that option never is going to happen. As a matter of fact, these three big internet crawlers already killed to the ground millions of sites accused of being spamming and playing dirty Seo online.
I still remember when there were thousands of little entrepreneurs making a decent living fixing site’s pages for small medium and large companies, some were raising their kids, paying their home mortgage, covering car vehicle insurance plans, buying clothing, food, paying utilities bills like electrical, water and cable, phone, toys on Christmas for their baby, toddlers etc.
Then came the Penguin attack and the crash with the bear Panda and their affiliates business went to hell, sincerely dead bits online.

Penguin The Hero
Penguin represents the Google software to crash down the bad guys who became rich stealing search results

Now Facebook wants to backup the little and medium publisher, hosting their content on their servers. I say great, lets do it!.

Can’t tell nothing about the animal on the picture, other than of represents a software people don’t want to hear from.

Robots Are Changing Everything For The Better Worldwide

What is the reason that people expect miracles out from nowhere and for nothing?
Some answered:
1- Because they pray and their angels come to their rescue while they are in troubles and mass out their jobs or others properties in the process of experimentation ( making their own personal or business experiments).
2- Others answered:
They are smart and cute and like they are, nobody can be ever to compete against them and their creations!

3- They went the college or University on their country (as Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts). Then, now they are masters and wise enough to bypass the universe creator’s arts.

4 – The group who took a different approach and said, they will work with the enemy and work their differences till they became the same good one as it supposed to be from the beginning with in the Americas.

Amazon Delivery Drones
The Store Online Amazon Delivery Drone Robot.






5 – The team that never taken the time to figure it out and neither accepted of being the cause of the events that were happening, to blind to see further of their money and profits.

Totally, many thousands of millions peoples worldwide and nobody have come-out with the solution on how to make it better for the masses. 
 The heavy weight of some individuals explain why others are starving every day, and the abundance of some others explain why many never have enough or a least what they need to live a comfortable family life.
Why every-time a child look at you into your eyes you have the tendency to look away instead to face the truth and solve the problem?


Domino's Domi Copter
Domino’s Domi Copter

One day a robot was invented ( the technology for self-driving cars, the prototype robot, the automated delivery,  the Drones) (8 legs) Octo- Copter Makes Domino’s Pizza Delivery.

The Besos Geo’s idea of Drones that will fly all over the United States cities (New York NYC, California Los Angeles, Washington, NJ, Florida North and South Miami Orlando, Carolina, Chicago Il, Atlanta Ga, Texas Dallas Huston Laredo Tx,  and will fly over Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica Panama Colombia Venezuela Brazil Argentina,  European nations UK England, Spain France Germany Russia Japan in Asia.

Domino's Pizza Drones Delivery
Drone Delivery Pizza Domino’s

Money is moving this world and dangerous electronics robots moves are making the world worst instead of making it better.

What is left, or What can be the next move to allow people loose their jobs and never recover them to earn a living and feed their kids, newborn baby, wife and family?
Amazon’s Order Packages Delivery 30 Minutes or Less.

Small Pack 10 Pounds
Amazon Packages Delivering





The delivery guy is evident that he is losing his income and he will have to find another ways to make a living.

And what about the mail office, private delivery companies, or how to maintain privacy if this robots take over town? lets think.

Halloween is The First Holidays Party Door

Halloween is The First Holidays Party Door.
Who could be the real kind of people interested on the Unknown, Zombies, Vampires, Underworld Creatures, Dress Costumes and Witches night. Probably the adults are those persons who expect this date the whole year, rather than their kids for the candy collection.

M&M's Chocolate Candy
M&M’s MARS Chocolate Fun Size Variety Pack Candy  55 Pieces 34.5 Ounce Package

How come in the world, something so serious is a happy party? Probably to overcome the kid’s fear and worries, people at those weird homes are giving away sweet chocolate sneakers candy and butter cups, or surprise candy all colors to kids.
” The right photo is about:

34.5 ounce
55 pieces
Fun size for the perfect treat
Classic taste of irresistible milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell
M&M’s are perfect for snacking, sharing or enjoying at parties”.

When, i asked people in United States about the party day, they all answered “it is our American tradition and everybody knows how kids and adults love it”.

Then i started to question my self if it was for me to go collecting candies on a Halloween’s party night, and being able to sleep without nightmares or worries all nigh about those horrible faces i seen sometimes on TV commercials.

Reese's Halloween Peanut Butter Pumpkins
Peanut Butter Pumpkins, by Reese’s Halloween

I went and stayed with the whole amount of little kids from my neighborhood, and surprise, I did like it, it is very unique and happy, and I eat lots of candy too!! Because it was free!!

Who cares if there was a lady hanging from her neck and a man without a face, a chicken dead on the hallway and side walks, a vampire followed us and tried to give us a bite into our necks and a zombie that went kind of crazy and we told him to go back underground. While little boys and little girls went nuts collecting their sweets and filling up their bags overall dangerous or excitement on the field of darkness.
Then, we all asked to ourselves, ” What kind of Halloween candy are you?”
Well, The longer the teeth are exposed to sugar, the better! We all love these:
The list: Werther’s Original, Nik-L-Nips, Reeses, Circus peanuts, Wax lips, Sugar Daddy, Pop Rocks, Necco wafers, Nerds, Pocky, Jawbreakers, Salt water taffy, Red Vines, Jolly Ranchers, Hershey Kisses, Snickers, Bubble gum balls, Toblerone, Mr. Goodbar, Smarties, Pez, Milk Duds, Pixie Stix, Blow Pops, Almond Joy, Sour Patch Kids, Atomic Fireball, Starburst, Baby Ruth: Peanuts, caramel, chocolate, nougat, Payday, Peeps: marshmallow birds, Reese’s pieces: The peanut-butter candies.

Size: 100 Pieces, 100 Pieces, 190 peices, 200 count, 36.92 Ounce, 76.76 Ounce.

Halloween Candy Chocolate
Hershey Chocolate Bars For Halloween

One 100-piece assortment of Hershey’s snack-size candy pieces (36.22 total ounces)
Includes Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Whoppers, Kit Kat, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
A fun mix of chocolate bars and chocolate candy
All candies are individually wrapped
Snack-size pieces are perfect for sharing.
The statistics are saying that the 89% of parents will eat their children’s and baby’s candy with in the next two hours after the collection and that they send their little ones to sleep while parents, mom and dad, step sisters, grown up teens boys and girls teenagers also watch TV while they are eating the little ones candy collected on their little bags. that’s unfair, then, they have an acceptable excuse!
Teens are saying the same of their parents, to much sweets will damage their loved kids teeth and that’s is why they help to finish with them in front of their Living room’s Television big screen TV.

When the whole party’s happiness and noise around in our neighborhoods is gone till next year, then another celebration gets close and another till the Happy new year when everything goes to normal again and people return to work and paying bills everyday, kids go back to their schools and college for education etc.
Emotions and more emotions coming out of the ladies eyes after the significant parties are gone, check this picture and see why it means a lot for women going out and taking pictures of the great moments. She asked if her orange and black photo could go up online and get published, well I said yes!

Amazing Halloween Tonight
Amazing Halloween Tonight.
it is the city showing dark orange and black skies, like telling us, it is my day!

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