AVG Antivirus 2014 Personal Computer Free Version

AVG Antivirus 2014 Personal Computer Free Version!

After a few tries with other software installations in to my PC computer, the Antivirus AVG seems to make it for me.

Scan The PC Antivirus Avg
Free Antivirus Avg is Scanning

First in 2011 when Zone Alarm allowed users to have their full internet security to be installed on a personal level and the by 2012 the company started to ask for Upgrade almost obligatory because they did not want to keep losing their profits with the free versions worldwide. And Zone decided to fill the users Laptop and PC computers with spam and key-loggers, so I quit it.

By 2013 i started using a free antivirus spyware internet security malware ad-ware from Kaspersky, the small office security Kaspersky and it did not stop crashing my computer, “too strong i guess”. After that i made a download from cnet download website of the Avast free antivirus 2013, right after reading the reviews and analyzing features, but what a surprise.

Avast, is a little bit confusing and very strong with their web pages scanning and protection online feature, plus hard to make updates for the software of Adobe flash and constantly the Chrome browser was giving a crash message ” a plug in couldn’t load, please wait” Man, this is so annoying and something frustrating to have to wait for half or an entire hour for the computer to allow me taking control again, ” slow computer” and thick internet experience.

The, my wife came and told me ” look, buddy! if you don’t uninstall this stupid antivirus software right now, then i’m going to break this machine for ever.!

Software Control Panel After Install
The Software Control Panel After Install

You can tell me what to do. Hurry, start looking for another option online, people who know where to look, always find answers on the Internet, never on Facebook, don’t waist my time Facebook.

Back to cnet, and this time, the option of Microsoft goodies, the firewall that came with windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and what ever is there from Bill, has the tendency to be OK, I thought.

What could be our problem? well, our machine is an oldie and it has only a 1,000,000 memory in a small tablet as memory hardware, plus a processor small too, like a Pentium 4 generation or so.

You tell me, Yes, Microsoft Internet full coverage is great ” security essentials” a quick full download and then installing it, i made sure that everything in the registry of my pc was clean, because before i installed a software called “Advanced Uninstaller Pro 11” complete free to have it working 24/7 for me.
Again, then Microsoft Security Essentials went through easy and fast and i try it for about 4 months. I recognize that it does a great job, maybe for you, because for me, it started to crash with Adobe flash and Macromedia Flash software.

Rapidly, i started to look again and this time, no many options: The turn for this baby free antivirus AVG 2014 personal edition and some protection online. So far, it is running smooth, lets wait some more time to see what’s up. Love the control panel and features, the black color and menu, it is beautiful.

For phone and wireless, mobile devices, the story could be different, maybe an application should be downloaded and installed on the phone, smartphone or tablet from any of these brands mentioned above. Just check the app possibilities

2014 Free Antivirus ACG
Download 2014 Free Antivirus ACG


Almost forgot it! The firewall must be the Win firewall already inside the operating system, and just in case make it a try or something called ” a port test online” Go to the search and type ” Shieldcheck com ” and make your firewall test, just to feel the peace of mind that your data is protected 100% from hackers.

Firewall Test 100% Close Ports
The Free Shield Check Com Firewall Test, All Ports Are Protected


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