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One idea came up to someone one day when she was Looking the Grand Canyon in the Colorado River State of Arizona USA.

Grand Canyon, Colorado, River, USA
The Grand Canyon in Colorado USA.
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She asked herself and said. If I can enjoy this wonder’s of nature, why can’t anybody else do the same of me?
Why not said a friend who happened to be right to her site.
Mary, owner of the little niece quotes, is always asking what’s this and what is that to her uncle. “The little girl and uncle’s love”.
Both of them stand on a strait looked way the creation of God, The beautiful cuts and designs of earth.
When I look the colors of the mountain and the color of the river’s waters, then I see huge differences on tones and touches that it could be done to it to make it much better and paint it on a piece of art, she said.

Arizona, River, Evening, Views
Evening Views Grand Canyon. Wonders of nature. Unique place to feel free and enjoy colors. The River and the Grand Canyon in Colorado Arizona

Or just take a picture with the iPhone camera, after all these i Phones are very expensive and you got to squeeze their cost out by using it.
Uncles stood listening to his little girl and said, maybe if we make a website where everybody can come-over and make their opinions and reviews for the others images or photography and like that we make it grow and grow to the sky is the limit, you know? Photos, Mary reply it? I think it is a gorgeous idea. Some places also have other colors like gorgeously green and red, purple flowers, light and dark blues in skies etc.
After that, they both went back to their hotel where stayed for a week or so before they went back to their home state Minnesota.
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