Restaurant in A Cruiser Boat Cruise Ship Jobs

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Dinner Restaurant in A Cruise Ship, Cooking Jobs

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The culinary restaurant chains and the experts of creating, cooking, delivering food images messages on TV and books, magazines plus so on. Are all part of a need called being hungry and having an open mind to breakfast, lunch and diner and adding some snacks for the change, by the way. ( Food court restaurant & buffet. Meats Pork Chicken Beef, Rice, Potatoes Salads and more!)

food court restaurant & buffet
Food court restaurant & buffet, serve order and yourself in the boat

This all reminds me that it was 1989 and that i was a crew member on-board of a huge cruise-ship from the Cunard company with business base headquarters in Miami and England, London. I learned that many people travel because they love to be served and therefore, they work their entire lives for at the end dying inboard of a boat while having dinner or a coffee, tee etc. Call it: Restaurant in A Cruiser Boat Cruise Ship Jobs for a change ones. With my experience from the Angry French and English cooks travelling and doing their cook jobs, these kitchen chef did not care about what the captain from Germany said or thought, probable because cooks are very dedicated to their ingredients and spices and those things make them never pay attention when someone talks to them. (The photo left: The top level foods, preparing, preparation of restaurant kitchen in a Miami Florida Cruise-ship)

Restaurant kitchen in Cruise-ship
Miami Boat kitchen in Cruise-ship

I heard that in America, people make lines to order a simple plate of soup, said the German captain! And then he said again, hey chef, at what time my food will be served? The crazy chef said, no badder, captain, i’m busy right now, tell you soon, go work. man, the captain said to me. Always the same, they cook and cook and you never get to eat the food, what waist of talent! I, kept my mouth quiet and stood like a frozen statue, just waiting for an order from my higher level commander. The, the Boss said, Please, go to the snack machine and get me something you like to taste, I don’t care what!. He, gave me 2 dollars bills. I went and found sweet cakes, cookies and dry snacks dry meats, sodas and lots of potatoes in small plastic bags. i bought the sweet and the soda, plus a potato ships bag too. Back at the bridge, I gave the captain his fast foods, and he seen them, then he said, this is what you eat? I answered, no, I never eat those things, but it was the only option at the fast vending food machine. He, replied, just go and tell the cook to hurry up. Then, I left and forgot about the stupid order and Thought that the cook chef was right!. Life in a boat is like a box full of chocolates and a hungry passenger ready to devour prey! at sea. Like a lion devouring prey.

Cook Assistance Helper Jobs Cooking
Work Jobs At The Restaurant Food in A Cruise-ship

Cooking Jobs for professional cook person, spend their lives trapped on a boat for years, month or for ever!.

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