How To Get Lots Of Traffic From Facebook To A Website

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How To Get Lots Of Traffic From Facebook To A Website is A Very Well Kept Secret!

If someone knew such a secrets I swear that they will be rich right now with almost three billion users in that social network.
How ever after watching these videos below, i realize that there is still hopes at the end of the road. lets face it, you are here reading my sites posts because just like me, you probable want to get the organic internet traffic to your site that back in 2004 till 2009 your website had and lost because of the Penguin and Panda crawlers that the big G started to run over the internet and went crashing sites worldwide, including yours and mine on those years.

this is the thing, or better lets say, the steps to recover without much effort and money to invest.
First: The traffic on the web right now lives on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and the rest is waste of time.
Second:  The visitors or site’s users are connecting mainly from heir mobile device and they are using an app, rather than a search engine to find information.
Third: Never abandon your Facebook page, keep it updated and plus, create a business page or a few to post information often, including videos of stunning things, ideas to teach how to do things, funny stuff, pictures with quotes, attractive information. (The videos must be no longer than three two minutes and no shorter than a minute).
Forth: Anytime you post a picture on Facebook, go ahead and share it no more than 10 times a day, plus go to groups and like it, then share it too to them, no more than one, then try to like others posts and never too much.
Fifth: Do make advertisement with Facebook, it is a great way to get some real traffic too, if you can afford it as a paid advertisement campaign.

I seriously think that the best way to get traffic from any social network and from the crawlers it is by creating outstanding content in your site. Make sure it is clean of misunderstandings, inclusive the language with no misspellings or mistakes.

Alw3ays keep on mind, people is looking for amusement online, they want to get things for free, like reviews and tutorials on how to do things without to pay or digging to deep on unknown neighborhoods sites.

People is no further different than you, therefore, never make it too hard to peal the orange for them, make it easy to read and find.

If we could return Facebook to the early nineties, things will be very easy, but everything went money hungry by the twenty fifteen and it seems that by twenty twenty all things will be more difficult even more.

Notice, yahoo crawler, Bing crawler and google Crawler are just one big alliance and you aren’t getting nowhere by waiting free traffic from them, anymore.
They are all brothers and sisters and the profits will be for them as they own the monopoly and control laws etc.

So, best way to get tones of internet traffic and from the social network everybody is talking about, it is by posting content with your site’s name, the brand of your own name and business.

The information contain on these videos doesn’t necessary mean or represent the way we think. They are as a matter of fact, a little bit old already, but they are interesting and funny.
1- Video: Facebook Advertisement Massive Amount Of Visitors if You Pay.

We aren’t complete sure, probable this information is kind of outdated already as the site design and rules has changed by the corporation Face Book. So, watch it and have fun dreaming with their tutorial steps because they might not work anymore.

2-The guys with the possible fake campaign on creating strategies and tips for free. not sure neither, never tried to make sure if it works. Read reviews and opinions where the media lives.

Think, bring in over $2500/day! is a huge amount of money and probable it is a rare thing that people will run away, it is kind of scary even to talk about.

3: The secrets continue.

The old man with the glasses and a dark mustache, a gold wedding ring down the road is talking out of his mind! or maybe it is kind of true.
Really, is he telling all of us that there is a small light at the end of the road in order to steal some of the users that Facebook called years ago and kept for themselves.
If Face Book Corp a stupid company enough to let people take their bread away to the wide open internet net?
We can’t affirm such a strategy, but it could be worth to give it  try, just to find out if it works somehow.

Anyways, nobody can tell us if the organic traffic will come back anytime now or it won’t and it is gone for ever vs applications or mobile apps as cell phone and smartphone users call them.
Think, we are here trying to uncover Facebook secrets and break thru the big pie to make a living and keep on business with our websites online, otherwise, we must close these sites by 2016 or 2017 and find another job to make a living and pay the house rental or mortgage, send kids the school, pay electrical water internet access TV entertainment and buy food and clothing for the  family, including the cats and dogs pets we might have.
very sad story.
Lets keep an open mind and positive thinking that all will be better soon.
till then, good bye.