The Taste To Keep Me Alive is Food And Soul

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Feelings and Soul Must Be Fed With Food From TheĀ Earth


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Never let others telling you that you are done and that they are better than you without to try yourself for a moment without losing your soul, freedom and life.

We want to deliver a message across the quote up on this page. Continuously life is a challenge that sometimes living without sleeping doesn’t work. I you don’t sleep at any time of the day at least 5 hours to feel rested, then your life gets cut by 3/4 three quarters and if you sleep to much, then it is kind of worst because you don’t live to tell the story.

The matter is that a happy soul thinks better and looks better too. The food people eat will keep them alive providing energy enough to run like a car for one hundred years of life.

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Happiness is to have something to eat and someone to love, the fun comes after that, because people go nowhere without energy and love.
Probable someone must be asking why no money, money is very important to buy and pay things?
Well, after money buys and pays people go back to unhappiness and they can’t sleep anymore.
That’s is why, learning to eat enough and learning to start loving is such an important thing that nothing moves in this earth world without that. leaving rich and famous behind like an empty bucket that never finish with not satisfaction for ever.
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