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Ideas For Editions and School  Students

After several months that we took the time to start up this site, then many of our sites online came along with search issues and we almost forgot about talking about colors and effects combinations to have beautiful colorful results.

Photography Edition and Manipulation
Power-fill editor for images and extras effects and text manipulation, open source community

There isn’t any dough that people like to get free stuff, and please don’t feel bad, we also love that.
Can’t imagine if you couldn’t try new software for free before buying it after making yourselves sure that this is the right soft you need to finalized your projects. For engineers at their work office takes years to develop such big jobs on designs and building construction, graphics they need to present on their professional presentations and win the job to keep their career, they also use  graphics programs and designer drawer programs to achieve their goals.

Students at School and Home
Free Gimp tutorials for new users, students at school and home

Their software prices go from two thousand to fifty thousand dollars and they need to try it first before purchase and pay for it.

Well, we are also good users and if don’t have a career to pay these expensive soft-wares to use in our computers and laptops machines, the, we use it everyday, just like taking a photo with the Smartphone Sony and or the  Smart Phone iPhone 6 or 7 from Apple, equal or better results make all of us very happy and who knows, we might even finish paying a small price like $20 to $50.00 Dollars for a change. When ever you need to fix red eye, check the program below called with the name Pixlr online.

Online Image Manipulator
Top Program Online Image Manipulator, Great Effects. Red Eye Fix!

However, because we not even went the college to receive education on heavy professional graphics, or creating those soft-wares, we rather want to download it and try it to who knows, maybe a year or so, till the next version comes out for free.
Oh, come on, lets go to the point now!
I went ahead and got this information to share with you all online, hope you enjoy it!

I wish i could find a great editor to use with the features include photo collage,
effects, online filters, frames, editing tool for photography.
Some software that people could add filters, frames, text, and effects, all done for free online.

So far only Editing and Effects with Autodesk Pixlr.
The program does what it promises to do, and even I heard many people saying that it is the only site they use for
fixing their personal images prior to posting them on Twitter, Istagram, Bookoflike, Linksin or Facebook.
Others also have their thing hoping on like editing tools of Picnic and much more stuff.
I think that if someone is in the hurry, the use it, other wide if you aren’t a newbie, then buy Powerful Photoshop software program,
install it and have all features sophisticated digital results.

Maybe people want to have control of their actions on a 100% degree at their computer machine, laptop or convertible tablet laptops.
These are the options they have do take in order to have quality digital images that worth a thousand dollars for their personal use and
the images they can show proudly to their friends on the social media websites.

1 – An open source digital photo editing software. Locate one you like by reading reviews and opinions from other users who already download it and used it.
software for Windows machines 64 and 32 bits/Mac or Macintosh Apple / and Linux operating system. That program is GIMP as a tool for digital painting, supporting uniqueness.
Used by professionals and students for many years now.
Make sure to log in and read the Gimp tutorials, See the Draw On Selections Borders Use the selection tools to draw simple or complex shapes for example.
Right now Gimp 2.8.2 tutorial
learn it and teach your kids also, it is just great gift to have install, follow the installation steps,
participate on the community with ideas and more.

Another program called( The LightZone:
Open-source digital darkroom software for Windows / Mac / Linux Search form Search)
that promises they are an open source is Approval is now automatic.
They have LightZombie files, Program Screenshots, User Forums, Source Code.

The defects on the paint
People make paintings everyday and they love to fix defects on the paint

Macromedia has Fireworks professional which it is a really amazing program that does magics with images and creativity effects, incredible mastering editors.
Users get best tricks and training to become a master student with Macromedia Fireworks.

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