Colorful Nature Photos

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Sometimes when we are going thru lots of worries and stress from family issues, bills to pay, decisions in life about our personal obligations and duties, the job or work place and the impact others have in our lives. Then, it is the right time to escape mentally and hopefully physically to the nature’s nest.
Never be surprise if suddenly the thoughts about a gorgeous green mountain, a snow white landscape, a blue water’s river and a transparent tall waterfall hit you for a few seconds.

wild monkeys
So soft little monkey

That could be the message your mind is trying to deliver to your brain, and you, me will have to pay attention because a few colors can overcome a dangerous damage that will remain for life.
Going for a break to see wild life of animals, their natural environments is critical.

Life is about discovering what is there for us to enjoy, why not, it is possible to be happy, discover it.
Analyzing how a tiger runs, sleeps and play, why some male birds are dressed so beautiful? What is the process of the metamorphosis of a butterfly.
How fish lives far under the ocean waters and they have their own light? Why a dolphin is so intelligent, what do they eat?

Amazing White Flowers
Each flower on a tree or a plant has reasons to exist in this world. Yellow, Pink, White.

Living wild life is a natural treasure and in combination with the earth wonders, the full package is a gift. We just have to take it and keep it, take care, make it last for ever.
Animals don’t understand why we, the human men always wanting to trap them and keep them on a case. Animals all look pretty free on their nature’s environments.

Coloful Green Birds
The rainbow colors make the humming bird unique!

Their colors are more alive and shiny!
We the human should learn from that as a real definition of freedom. “Live happy and free and allow others to do the same”.

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