Download Free Games For Phone Samsung Touch Screen

We chosen to talk about “Download Free Games For Phone Samsung Touch Screen” issue because this is one of the largest searches worldwide at the end of this year and for the next two to nine years upcoming.
It is not a surprise that many young kids, teens, juniors, frown ups men and women do their earrings everyday like going to study at school, going to work to earn money and pay bills, and then, they come back their homes to turn one the New Microsoft  Xbox 360 0r Xbox One, the Sony PlayStation PS4 /  PlayStation VR, console as Nintendo Wii / Nintendo Wii and these people start playing offline and online.

probable many of them love to disconnect their brains from reality and live inside their programmed video games. Or many others just do this playing as part of their exercise routines, brain training and keep up with the player waves.

Either ways, game addicts love to find good deals as free games to download and try them or keep these video games free recorded on their gamer machines for sharing and playing on network with many others.

note: The list of websites where you can go and try to download full time play video-games or action crazy games is long and with annoying advertisement, beware that we don’t recommend or endorse these brands, or them.
the concept of free cell phone, free cell touch screen 240 x 320 are sentences that at the end finish meaning the same, and it really means the user don’t want to buy or borrow Scythian.
the problem is that many websites owners don’t pay attention to their visitors users and, they keep trying to bring them back to buy their software because they must pay to their software programmers or these programmers or game makers won’t write anymore code for them.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5
An outstanding smartphone from Samsung to play games

We must recognize that on these days it is hard to find free items at the price of nothing, however, we know for sure that people like you and me certainly appreciate the fact of being the first to try a bran new spanking game and finally we might finish buying and downloading with the key and property rights to install.

Anyways: after searching like crazy, consider this small but rich list of sites online as they have some good video games for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and more:

en.softonic .com

with mobile software for Android Mobile Arcade Games. for Samsung gt-s5230, Galaxy, Corby 1 and 2, Galaxy Mini. Fullscreen Real Football Manager, ‎Temple Run 2, Death Rally Free 1.1.4: Racing

java. mob. org/razdel/touchscreen/

Samsung gt-s5230, Galaxy, Corby 1 and 2, Galaxy Mini,  Sony Xperia z5 – Xperia 3 compact.
Perfectly, many people are playing on networks with their own memberships and still, they want more variety to enjoy the challenging and winning the PC or console gamer.

Zte Zmax phone to play games
Zte Zmax phone cases all colors, accessories

find other devices like Apple iphone 6, smartphone with best battery life. LG 4,  Motorola Moto X Play, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, LG Volt, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, ZTE Grand X Max+ and much more.

Reveal Treasure Secrets Behind Your Photos And Digital Photography Video Cameras

when the visitors online stop browsing on this website’s post to read about “Reveal Treasure Secrets Behind Your Photos And Digital Photography Video Cameras”,  They could be stumbled or very surprise to find out that after so many years of taking favorite colorful pictures with a photo digital canon, Panasonic The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM5, Nokia’s Ozo VR Cam, Mirrorless, Sony, Kodak, Nikon or else cameras on the market for sale. the news could caused even heart attacks on people who invested all their money and years of having fun on social media sites 24/4.

 Wi-Fi Enabled Photo Digital Cameras
Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera Kit

The friends online slogan won’t work anymore as these networks are becoming more money hungry.
This is the real story:
Sites like Facebook social sharing and liking others statuses and posts, inclusive mobile videos formats are not only profiting from your job done and shared on the good will to satisfy your circle of friends and for them not to erase your profile out of theirs, but, the socialization will become much more hungry and they will start to charge you for each post you ever made and amounts of images your also uploaded.
You will have to pay or considered a spam and blocked automatically until further notice from the sites administrators.

Twitter for example already is claiming that if your don’t keep posting at-least one image per week, then your tweets won’t appear to the sites users ever and probable your profile will be considered a spam profile or a zombie.
Worse at all is that your photography becomes their property and you should know about that because when you signed up, the private policy describes this paragraph clearly on it.

Lets analyze the facts and come up with a final solution to the issue.

Facebook wants you to keep posting more and more, they offer to show your posts to your community if you chosen that on the private preferences, for now and then, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is, they still will advertise on the pages where your private content is located.

What these facts mean? the meaning is clear, they own the social network, they decide who is accepted top create, who stays and who goes if the user don’t like it.

Provable complaining won’t take the person any-further than the login page, sorry, you’re out my friend, go to another friendly network, not in this one anymore.

You want your properties, big opinions and statuses done by you when interacting in the past with your friends and family, even girlfriend or boyfriend, coo-workers etc. the photos uploads, the files saved and the whole world done online became to an end and all because of making money was more important to the social networks. They don’t care about your feelings, the pictures that represent all your life.

Solution: Big tips to follow.
Open an account with google Drive and store those images in there by uploading them from your smartphone, iPhone, mobile phone or the computer laptop and tablet. be prepared for never losing your stuff. be smart.

Big tips also are: create a free Social profile on The Free Book Of Likes
Connect with companies and products, people worldwide like actors and actresses, famous singers, artist, read real-time news, opinions and enjoy great content as videos, photography, make your own pages and never, mean never worry about your content files, statuses and privacy.

New Photos Posts Going Viral Online

It used to be that people taking a shot of themselves took them a lot of nerve before they agree that that one was the right photo and then they post it on their profiles at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Or probable these same people did not want their photo to show right as soon their viewers were on their page.
Now things has change almost 90 degrees.
The amazing thing is that they use this weird things (photo selfie stick) of metal to hold their cell phone and video digital cameras, just to catch a selfie of themselves and posting it online whatever others thoughts will be.

The most amazing results are that if the selfie belongs to a famous person like an actress, a singer, a political leader or candidate, a couple spending time together, or else, they can go viral at anytime.

The facts are that it seems we aren’t alone anymore, there will be someone looking at every move we do and listening to all words we pronounce online. As far of privacy, forget it, we gave it away and that’s why our personal profiles on those media social sites, are full with advertisement because these software programs follow all our routes online.

Evenly, it is fun to share a little of what it is happening to us while traveling or if we are assisting to an event like a music concert of Taylor swift, or any other personality who captivates millions of likes every second.

People today want to feel important and they think that as longer they share their photos with the world, this will love them more.

When teens see another teen at their home bathroom taking a selfie of themselves against the bathroom mirror, they think that’s stream cool and the same act is copied by millions worldwide.

Again, lets stop the story for a second. asking questions.
1- Are these great and well done pictures by a professional photographer?
Answer one: no, they were taken by a person who follows others ideas, moves and therefore they find the act as valid, approved the image taken and that’s it. They don’t care about quality.  etc, All they want is to see what is happening and cross the line.

maybe this is the reason why the photographer guy down the street is not making a living as he or she did years ago.
Let’s face it! Instagram, Facebook and twitter killed the regular photographer professional.

We can tell by looking millions of smartphone and iPhone apple devices sold year after year and it doesn’t slow down anymore.
What is more critical, is that small and little business brands will not have a chance again to survive with these giants taking all the business attention from the consumers and big brands.

It is like everybody forgotten about the important things in our lives, the full color family portrait, the kids school photo graduation, first communion at the church and a great image to save it for future generations. Almost forgot to say that the weddings are special events to capture with the video camera and hire a professional photographer, so important to get together as families get to meet for eating food and drinks and look the happy married couple, the white dress, wedding dress suites and flower arrangements etc. Hold on, did i say flower arrangements? All is gone!

it is more important to show those little images on Facebook, or twitter, Instagram and forget the other. people too busy.

I hope you remember my words.
“The way we are going now, it won’t take longer than two years and we will be the purple zombies that people fear from the scary terror movies. sure, those dead purple zombies who wa

 blond hair, a nice curly hair cut
The beautiful Taylor Swift .
She dress a white sweater and blond hair, a nice curly hair and hair cut.

lk head down looking the little mobile phone screens and not paying attention to real life, the world with feeling as we supposed to be instead of going viral like idiots.

bing makes sure to keep competitive by allowing snapshots on Android in other apps

Cell phone devices, smartphone and other portable devices with capability for the user to search online, now (MS search engine) Bing makes sure to keep competitive by allowing snapshots on Android in other apps.

MS Search Bing App
This one was a running video, we just snapshot it and post it

This could mean that Bing doesn’t want developers forcing their apps users to leave it and go finding an online search box to find information also online.

After counting their users worldwide, the company agree that it is the right time to do something positive to compete against Google search. These individuals who live in the world are using Bing .com, or Cortana, Xbox 360, the Office360  for mobile.
They are interested on developers who learning how to input the API’s code into the app for messaging and photos or images added.
The API is just what many professional mobile application designers where waiting for.
With this new API, all developers can enhance their apps (make them more attractive) by exposing rich data from the Bing knowledge and action graph directly in their applications.

Graph Api Microsoft
A new Graph Api Microsoft from the developing designer department at Bing search

For musicians casting songs and albums news, the snapshots of artists and songs all in one package

Top Mobile Friendly Apps and Free Tips

Top Mobile Friendly Apps and Free Tips.
The unique way to suggest the latest uploaded apps for cell phone, tablet, smartphone etc.

The Best Free Applications
A photo that shows how are the applications, Android, Windows, Apple app

By this time on almost the middle of the year, everyone already have a mobile device to communicate with their friends, business partners and even with their pets at home.

The developers are always working over night while drinking a cup of hot and cold coffee to stay awake and continue codding for the benefit of all of us when using their new smartphone apps.
I, as a webmaster communicator only take my small portion of time to broadcast what is really going on behind the developing rooms online.
Applications and internet PC based programs for having fun with friends etc, are also passing for a major coding change.

These pieces of important software for developers and users are the future online tools that at the every end will make us be more comfortable and secure when shopping online with credit cards or right from our digital watch from Apple, the Nokia from Microsoft, the iPhone from Apple, the Smartphone Galaxy’s from Samsung and many more digitized devices already selling by millions worldwide.

In a world where everyday there is a new set of ideas that never adjust themselves to work smooth and adjustments need to be done by experts who demand to get paid no matter what. No wonder, they probable need to pay their college courses and class education, or at home they could be parenting one or several kids and babies and even pets.
However, when a new product item sells like crazy, the competition appears almost magically and then the market competitors reach enough solid consolidation and fan buyer recognition enough to remain leaders on the consumer USA markets, European consumers, Asia and Latin America stores buyers. Everybody runs looking all corners of the earth on ways to get their own tool to develop applications.

The image gallery. and colorful media takes another redirection online as users reach these kind of content from their small device screens. Making this media content mobile friendly is critical, difficult and very necessary.
For example, for a website with millions of photos to get them fixed and friendly for mobiles tablets, how to use it on the digital watches, smartphones, reach the tool to develop applications for cell phones and convertible laptop, will take years and thousands of dollars spending as cost.

Making Windows Android Mobile Apps
The Windows Android mobile app development

Almost 50% of the worldwide web content is on small business companies and personal owners, they really never got enough paid moneys to be exited and continue the physical transformation of their niches codes. Never after the big search engines players online crashed more than half of the existing contend with the excuse that it wasn’t relevant to online searches keywords and user digest.
Those sad face are gone sites did not see the light ever and today they, plus the half of the remaining aren’t to happy with these changes.

Paying someone to take care of the mobile business can cost thousands, if it is a friend, then he or she will spend long hours of job figuring it out how to convert for free or pay as little as possible start codding.
Easily, people can spend $299.00 per year maintaining a website just to get 200 visitors a day and making between $45.00 to a $100 a month and working on it about 8 hours a day. The webmaster will have to post tweets at tweeter, post at Facebook, send e-mails to target consumers, going to open more profiles and posting unique content at Instagram, and many others like Pinterest site.

We published a good page with more tips and ideas about applications, and ways to make your own apps online, the open source community and how to do things right with a friend.
Lets say, the easiest way to publish a website like a book in about a few hours as a success application, with a success application from a download free open source software, ready to start codding and using it and never be wasting hours of job.

The Samsung Smartphone Galaxy World of Cell Phone Smartphones Tablets Apps

Robots Are Changing Everything For The Better Worldwide

What is the reason that people expect miracles out from nowhere and for nothing?
Some answered:
1- Because they pray and their angels come to their rescue while they are in troubles and mass out their jobs or others properties in the process of experimentation ( making their own personal or business experiments).
2- Others answered:
They are smart and cute and like they are, nobody can be ever to compete against them and their creations!

3- They went the college or University on their country (as Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts). Then, now they are masters and wise enough to bypass the universe creator’s arts.

4 – The group who took a different approach and said, they will work with the enemy and work their differences till they became the same good one as it supposed to be from the beginning with in the Americas.

Amazon Delivery Drones
The Store Online Amazon Delivery Drone Robot.






5 – The team that never taken the time to figure it out and neither accepted of being the cause of the events that were happening, to blind to see further of their money and profits.

Totally, many thousands of millions peoples worldwide and nobody have come-out with the solution on how to make it better for the masses. 
 The heavy weight of some individuals explain why others are starving every day, and the abundance of some others explain why many never have enough or a least what they need to live a comfortable family life.
Why every-time a child look at you into your eyes you have the tendency to look away instead to face the truth and solve the problem?


Domino's Domi Copter
Domino’s Domi Copter

One day a robot was invented ( the technology for self-driving cars, the prototype robot, the automated delivery,  the Drones) (8 legs) Octo- Copter Makes Domino’s Pizza Delivery.

The Besos Geo’s idea of Drones that will fly all over the United States cities (New York NYC, California Los Angeles, Washington, NJ, Florida North and South Miami Orlando, Carolina, Chicago Il, Atlanta Ga, Texas Dallas Huston Laredo Tx,  and will fly over Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica Panama Colombia Venezuela Brazil Argentina,  European nations UK England, Spain France Germany Russia Japan in Asia.

Domino's Pizza Drones Delivery
Drone Delivery Pizza Domino’s

Money is moving this world and dangerous electronics robots moves are making the world worst instead of making it better.

What is left, or What can be the next move to allow people loose their jobs and never recover them to earn a living and feed their kids, newborn baby, wife and family?
Amazon’s Order Packages Delivery 30 Minutes or Less.

Small Pack 10 Pounds
Amazon Packages Delivering





The delivery guy is evident that he is losing his income and he will have to find another ways to make a living.

And what about the mail office, private delivery companies, or how to maintain privacy if this robots take over town? lets think.

AVG Antivirus 2014 Personal Computer Free Version

AVG Antivirus 2014 Personal Computer Free Version!

After a few tries with other software installations in to my PC computer, the Antivirus AVG seems to make it for me.

Scan The PC Antivirus Avg
Free Antivirus Avg is Scanning

First in 2011 when Zone Alarm allowed users to have their full internet security to be installed on a personal level and the by 2012 the company started to ask for Upgrade almost obligatory because they did not want to keep losing their profits with the free versions worldwide. And Zone decided to fill the users Laptop and PC computers with spam and key-loggers, so I quit it.

By 2013 i started using a free antivirus spyware internet security malware ad-ware from Kaspersky, the small office security Kaspersky and it did not stop crashing my computer, “too strong i guess”. After that i made a download from cnet download website of the Avast free antivirus 2013, right after reading the reviews and analyzing features, but what a surprise.

Avast, is a little bit confusing and very strong with their web pages scanning and protection online feature, plus hard to make updates for the software of Adobe flash and constantly the Chrome browser was giving a crash message ” a plug in couldn’t load, please wait” Man, this is so annoying and something frustrating to have to wait for half or an entire hour for the computer to allow me taking control again, ” slow computer” and thick internet experience.

The, my wife came and told me ” look, buddy! if you don’t uninstall this stupid antivirus software right now, then i’m going to break this machine for ever.!

Software Control Panel After Install
The Software Control Panel After Install

You can tell me what to do. Hurry, start looking for another option online, people who know where to look, always find answers on the Internet, never on Facebook, don’t waist my time Facebook.

Back to cnet, and this time, the option of Microsoft goodies, the firewall that came with windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and what ever is there from Bill, has the tendency to be OK, I thought.

What could be our problem? well, our machine is an oldie and it has only a 1,000,000 memory in a small tablet as memory hardware, plus a processor small too, like a Pentium 4 generation or so.

You tell me, Yes, Microsoft Internet full coverage is great ” security essentials” a quick full download and then installing it, i made sure that everything in the registry of my pc was clean, because before i installed a software called “Advanced Uninstaller Pro 11” complete free to have it working 24/7 for me.
Again, then Microsoft Security Essentials went through easy and fast and i try it for about 4 months. I recognize that it does a great job, maybe for you, because for me, it started to crash with Adobe flash and Macromedia Flash software.

Rapidly, i started to look again and this time, no many options: The turn for this baby free antivirus AVG 2014 personal edition and some protection online. So far, it is running smooth, lets wait some more time to see what’s up. Love the control panel and features, the black color and menu, it is beautiful.

For phone and wireless, mobile devices, the story could be different, maybe an application should be downloaded and installed on the phone, smartphone or tablet from any of these brands mentioned above. Just check the app possibilities

2014 Free Antivirus ACG
Download 2014 Free Antivirus ACG


Almost forgot it! The firewall must be the Win firewall already inside the operating system, and just in case make it a try or something called ” a port test online” Go to the search and type ” Shieldcheck com ” and make your firewall test, just to feel the peace of mind that your data is protected 100% from hackers.

Firewall Test 100% Close Ports
The Free Shield Check Com Firewall Test, All Ports Are Protected


Online shopping and banking protection, new privacy features, your privacy value pack, anti-span protection for a clean e-mail box (inbox).
It will allow you to know when an update is available, when a warning on red means important action for database outdated needs to be updated from user downloading data files new, settings and statistics, data safe you haven’t created any safes, objects scanned and found, first time optimization scan in progress, reports, deleted bad files threads and more.

You can make your own reviews and post them as opinions and comments on this website.

Always remember, the spam will be wiped off immediately, so sorry about that.

Halloween is The First Holidays Party Door

Halloween is The First Holidays Party Door.
Who could be the real kind of people interested on the Unknown, Zombies, Vampires, Underworld Creatures, Dress Costumes and Witches night. Probably the adults are those persons who expect this date the whole year, rather than their kids for the candy collection.

M&M's Chocolate Candy
M&M’s MARS Chocolate Fun Size Variety Pack Candy  55 Pieces 34.5 Ounce Package

How come in the world, something so serious is a happy party? Probably to overcome the kid’s fear and worries, people at those weird homes are giving away sweet chocolate sneakers candy and butter cups, or surprise candy all colors to kids.
” The right photo is about:

34.5 ounce
55 pieces
Fun size for the perfect treat
Classic taste of irresistible milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell
M&M’s are perfect for snacking, sharing or enjoying at parties”.

When, i asked people in United States about the party day, they all answered “it is our American tradition and everybody knows how kids and adults love it”.

Then i started to question my self if it was for me to go collecting candies on a Halloween’s party night, and being able to sleep without nightmares or worries all nigh about those horrible faces i seen sometimes on TV commercials.

Reese's Halloween Peanut Butter Pumpkins
Peanut Butter Pumpkins, by Reese’s Halloween

I went and stayed with the whole amount of little kids from my neighborhood, and surprise, I did like it, it is very unique and happy, and I eat lots of candy too!! Because it was free!!

Who cares if there was a lady hanging from her neck and a man without a face, a chicken dead on the hallway and side walks, a vampire followed us and tried to give us a bite into our necks and a zombie that went kind of crazy and we told him to go back underground. While little boys and little girls went nuts collecting their sweets and filling up their bags overall dangerous or excitement on the field of darkness.
Then, we all asked to ourselves, ” What kind of Halloween candy are you?”
Well, The longer the teeth are exposed to sugar, the better! We all love these:
The list: Werther’s Original, Nik-L-Nips, Reeses, Circus peanuts, Wax lips, Sugar Daddy, Pop Rocks, Necco wafers, Nerds, Pocky, Jawbreakers, Salt water taffy, Red Vines, Jolly Ranchers, Hershey Kisses, Snickers, Bubble gum balls, Toblerone, Mr. Goodbar, Smarties, Pez, Milk Duds, Pixie Stix, Blow Pops, Almond Joy, Sour Patch Kids, Atomic Fireball, Starburst, Baby Ruth: Peanuts, caramel, chocolate, nougat, Payday, Peeps: marshmallow birds, Reese’s pieces: The peanut-butter candies.

Size: 100 Pieces, 100 Pieces, 190 peices, 200 count, 36.92 Ounce, 76.76 Ounce.

Halloween Candy Chocolate
Hershey Chocolate Bars For Halloween

One 100-piece assortment of Hershey’s snack-size candy pieces (36.22 total ounces)
Includes Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Whoppers, Kit Kat, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
A fun mix of chocolate bars and chocolate candy
All candies are individually wrapped
Snack-size pieces are perfect for sharing.
The statistics are saying that the 89% of parents will eat their children’s and baby’s candy with in the next two hours after the collection and that they send their little ones to sleep while parents, mom and dad, step sisters, grown up teens boys and girls teenagers also watch TV while they are eating the little ones candy collected on their little bags. that’s unfair, then, they have an acceptable excuse!
Teens are saying the same of their parents, to much sweets will damage their loved kids teeth and that’s is why they help to finish with them in front of their Living room’s Television big screen TV.

When the whole party’s happiness and noise around in our neighborhoods is gone till next year, then another celebration gets close and another till the Happy new year when everything goes to normal again and people return to work and paying bills everyday, kids go back to their schools and college for education etc.
Emotions and more emotions coming out of the ladies eyes after the significant parties are gone, check this picture and see why it means a lot for women going out and taking pictures of the great moments. She asked if her orange and black photo could go up online and get published, well I said yes!

Amazing Halloween Tonight
Amazing Halloween Tonight.
it is the city showing dark orange and black skies, like telling us, it is my day!

Why to post your opinions? because that is very nice to hear from you, Duh!

Ohio State Marching Band, Michael Jackson Tribute, Halftime vs. Team Iowa

Do you think this video is one of the top with more viewers?

People have their own opinions, what is yours?
Uh, yeah. Whatever. Any tribute is a real tribute. Do you think you could coordinate over 100 people to make a Moon Walking Micheal Jackson on a

Moon, Walking, Micheal, Jackson
The March Halftime the game and the a Moon Walking Micheal Jackson on a football field.
? Didn’t think so

The Photos For Entertaining The Rest Of Us

One idea came up to someone one day when she was Looking the Grand Canyon in the Colorado River State of Arizona USA.

Grand Canyon, Colorado, River, USA
The Grand Canyon in Colorado USA.
Travel Photos, Tours to Nature

She asked herself and said. If I can enjoy this wonder’s of nature, why can’t anybody else do the same of me?
Why not said a friend who happened to be right to her site.
Mary, owner of the little niece quotes, is always asking what’s this and what is that to her uncle. “The little girl and uncle’s love”.
Both of them stand on a strait looked way the creation of God, The beautiful cuts and designs of earth.
When I look the colors of the mountain and the color of the river’s waters, then I see huge differences on tones and touches that it could be done to it to make it much better and paint it on a piece of art, she said.

Arizona, River, Evening, Views
Evening Views Grand Canyon. Wonders of nature. Unique place to feel free and enjoy colors. The River and the Grand Canyon in Colorado Arizona

Or just take a picture with the iPhone camera, after all these i Phones are very expensive and you got to squeeze their cost out by using it.
Uncles stood listening to his little girl and said, maybe if we make a website where everybody can come-over and make their opinions and reviews for the others images or photography and like that we make it grow and grow to the sky is the limit, you know? Photos, Mary reply it? I think it is a gorgeous idea. Some places also have other colors like gorgeously green and red, purple flowers, light and dark blues in skies etc.
After that, they both went back to their hotel where stayed for a week or so before they went back to their home state Minnesota.
To these vacationers I own this small website where everyone is invited to post serious and acceptable, respectful comments that can perfectly improve the quality of the internet and online content. I you are interested on making a Hotel Reservation for Traveling, this is the booking site where we always make the reservations online.
Keep in mind that these are the options and many others available after these:
South Rim Deluxe, White Water Adventure, Helicopter Tours, Wedding Tours Sidewalk.