bing makes sure to keep competitive by allowing snapshots on Android in other apps

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Cell phone devices, smartphone and other portable devices with capability for the user to search online, now (MS search engine) Bing makes sure to keep competitive by allowing snapshots on Android in other apps.

MS Search Bing App
This one was a running video, we just snapshot it and post it

This could mean that Bing doesn’t want developers forcing their apps users to leave it and go finding an online search box to find information also online.

After counting their users worldwide, the company agree that it is the right time to do something positive to compete against Google search. These individuals who live in the world are using Bing .com, or Cortana, Xbox 360, the Office360  for mobile.
They are interested on developers who learning how to input the API’s code into the app for messaging and photos or images added.
The API is just what many professional mobile application designers where waiting for.
With this new API, all developers can enhance their apps (make them more attractive) by exposing rich data from the Bing knowledge and action graph directly in their applications.

Graph Api Microsoft
A new Graph Api Microsoft from the developing designer department at Bing search

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